Aurora Borealis Photos from April 24th, 2012

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Here is a collection of photos from the Monday night / Tuesday morning aurora borealis display over Copper Harbor Cabins. All images © Defined Visuals.

View from just east of the cabin looking east. The aurora was going over our heads.

Same location as previous photo, but looking northwest. We were completely covered by the aurora.

View from just west of the cabin looking northwest. The green light (lowest light) is the Copper Harbor Lighthouse. The light just above it is the setting moon.

Similar location as previous photo, but looking west. Copper Harbor are the lights on the left.

Another photo looking west. Brockway Mountain is the peak just behind the Copper Harbor lights.

View from the east side of cabin looking northeast.

Another northeast view. The aurora is starting to move more north now.

Another northeast view. The aurora is now much further north. The highly active aurora is calming down.




  1. Mark, these are the best pictures that I have ever seen for Northern Lights…surely you can get them published in major magazines dealing with Nature, the Environment and Art. Just stunning … Nedra

    • Thanks Nedra. Lucky to be in the right place at the right time. :)

  2. What beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. Hope these can get into a national publication they are a must see…

    • Thanks Betty. It was a unique experience. A first for me to see them that intense and to actually be surrounded by them was surreal.

  3. This is Gods country and I just love it. I grew up in the U.P as well, but the Northern Lights are indeed a sight to behold.

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